Is UInvest Scam? – Part I 2

Today UInvest is very popular and being hot topic because the program is a good investment program that offers high profit with good management skills. UInvest also has a very convincing legality, law firms as well as legal offices and businesses where they no doubt exist (really?). So do not be surprised if the UInvest becomes a very popular investment program today.

However we (as investors) always worried with the existence of this program, and always wondered if the UInvest would be scam in the future. Is the UInvest would end like most investment programs with high interest rates in general? Is the UInvest will end with dignity and not harm the investors?

Certainly, no one knows the exact answer to these questions. We must analyze this program very carefully and thoroughly, even just to estimate only. To help analyze this, let’s talk and discuss here, ranging from background of program, Who is the UInvest? Who are the people behind the UInvest? The owners of that investment program, management, admin website, etc. When UInvest stands and when UInvest program introduces online. Where and how they promote their program? How is their business system? What sort of things that make their programs can run well and what could make them bankrupt. How do they carry out their programs, etc.

Who Exactly Is UInvest

UInvest Evolution

UInvest Evolution

UInvest is a worldwide online crowd funding platform that connects personal investors with businesses. A team of UInvest professionals provides investors with managerial tools and moderates projects by doing due diligence and monitoring their financials and distribution of funds.

With the fast growing community of over 50,000 members, UInvest has created an international share exchange. Launched UInvest project -Global UInvest Network- allows qualified investors to become affiliates and earn money from referring businesses that seek funding.

  • Longevity: Online since 2007 (Unverified)
  • Offices: Located in Ukraine and USA (Unverified) and accepts investors and projects from around the world
  • Helpdesk: 24-7 chat support/ phone support/Ticket System
  • 100% Passive Income: No advertising / No Recruiting / No 3 way phone calls. Just buy the share of any projects taking into account your budget and ROI and get ongoing monthly returns till the end of business term/till you sell the share
  • Deposit /Withdraw options: Liberty reserve directly via Uinvest, Wire transfer/ SolidTrustPay(STP)/PerfectMoney(PM)/Paypal/Alertpay(Payza)/Moneybookers via Uinvest Financial Partners
  • Security: SMS verification (Optional), PIN verification (for all transactions), Option to put the account in Vacation mode! IP address tracking etc
  • Projects: Most of the projects Uinvest is funding are introduced by Uinvest members (GUN agents), so it’s a REAL Business
  • Minimal Risk: No locking period for your deposits- One can cancel the shares anytime and withdraw funds
  • Registration: Uinvest is registered in the USA.
    For both – Ukraine and the USA registration, all information needed for their operations in Ukrane, which can be published via Internet, is presented here.
UInvest - Certificate of Incorporation

UInvest – Certificate of Incorporation

UInvest Tax Certificate

UInvest Tax Certificate

UInvest Bylaws 1

UInvest Bylaws 1

UInvest Bylaws 2

UInvest Bylaws 2

UInvest Bylaws 3

UInvest Bylaws 3


UInvest Key Executives

  1. Vitaliy Danilenko -> President (Unverified)
  2. Maxim Kulakov -> Chief Executive Officer (Unverified)
  3. Alexander Darialov -> Chief of Business Development (Unverified)

That’s what they say about themselves

What Does Exactly UInvest Offers?

UInvest is a place where you are be able to become a co-owner of a business. The program is a marketplace where business owners and investors meet each other. The website enables you to buy shares of enterprises and get dividends on a monthly basis. You can sell or buy the shares with other investors, trade them in a real time like on a stock exchange.

That is just preliminary information regarding UInvest. My next questions are:

  1. Are the legal documents of company they have published can be ensure that the company/they are not a fictitious company?
  2. Is the existence and address of their office is the real address of the owner or the people who run UInvest business? Or they only pay for a service like a virtual office?

Discussion and investigation about that will be published in the next post: Is UInvest Scam? – Part II

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